The BC Way

At Boston Centerless, we have built an enduring character and approach to business that we call the “BC Way”. The BC Way transcends the products we sell, the markets we serve and any of our leaders and individuals. It is why we come to work every day (Core Purpose) and how we choose to conduct ourselves, our guiding principles (Core Values).

Core Purpose:

To be a role model for U.S. manufacturing.

Growth • Opportunity • Pride • Significance • Secret Service • Community

Core Values:


    • Trust = Character (Integrity, Intent) and Competence(Capabilities, Results).
    • Do the right thing.
    • Get the right thing done.
    • Be accountable.
    • Respect teammates, customers and other business partners.

      take INITIATIVE

        • Think, then Act.
        • Take ownership.
        • Be proactive.
        • Be a problem solver.
        • Adopt innovative solutions & techniques to make continuous improvements.
        • Exhaust all efforts to assist a customer (internal or external) before passing the request on to someone else.
        • Pursue growth and learning personally and professionally.

          put theTEAM FIRST

            • Be humble.
            • Be a leader, take responsibility and do what is in the best interest of the team.
            • Communicate openly, honestly & with respect.
            • Be eager to help co-workers and customers succeed.
            • Work together to achieve common goals.
            • Be open to constructive criticism and ideas.
            • Celebrate exceptional accomplishments.

              demonstrate EXCELLENCE

                • Be the best you can be every day.
                • Good enough is never good enough.
                • Pay relentless attention to details.
                • Ensure that your appearance, and verbal and written correspondence, is always professional and respectful.
                • Understand industry trends and demands to ensure we remain positioned to exceed customer expectations.

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