Precision Alloys and Plastics for the Medical Industry

Boston Centerless is a key supplier to many different segments of the medical / orthopedic device industry. Over the years, more and more medical device OEM’s and contract manufacturers have recognized the many benefits of the consistently excellent roundness, straightness and diameter tolerance of the precision ground metal and plastic bars provided by Boston Centerless.

With the rapidly increasing use of CNC Swiss turning machines to produce medical device components, design engineers require greater precision from the raw materials they specify for these parts. The growth of Boston Centerless has been driven by our ability to consistently meet or exceed these requirements resulting in trouble-free and ultimately lower cost manufacturing of the medical device.

Boston Centerless supplies a complete line of medical alloys and plastics for medical applications such as: 

  • Spinal, knee and hip implants
  • Cranial drills
  • Surgical instruments
  • Diagnostic equipment

Our Focus on the Medical Device Industry

The Medical Device Industry comprises the largest segment that Boston Centerless serves. We therefore have structured our business to focus on the needs of both our OEM customers and the network of Contract Manufacturers (CM’s) that provide essential products and services to the medical OEM’s. With sales offices in all the key geographies where medical OEM’s and major CM’s are located, Boston Centerless is there to support the material and service needs of the medical industry.

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