Let Boston Centerless Help Manage Your Inventory

Running the highest quality precision ground bars in your operation is an important element toward managing your total cost. Managing the cost of your inventory can be just as important. Boston Centerless offers a variety of inventory flow management options, one of which will be right for your business.

The following inventory management options are available:

Kanban Program

Automatic replenishment of agreed upon release quantities with a pre-determined lead time. This enables the customer to release known quantities of material exactly when it is needed for production with a predictable replacement lead time. This precludes the need for customers to carry extensive inventories even on items with long lead times from the mills. It also maximizes cash flow by minimizing the time that material is owned prior to converting it into billable products.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Your Boston Centerless sales representative will work closely with you to:

  1. Establish finished inventory in sizes and grades required in regular intervals throughout the year
  2. Assist in periodically forecasting these items with you
  3. Factor in lead times and overall availability when re-ordering to keep the pipeline full

Together, we might utilize several different approaches to the management of your inventory, i.e. Kanban, Blanket Orders, Hold-for-Release programs, but the objective will always be to have the right item in the right quantity at the right time, on time, every time.

Blanket Order Release Program

Long term purchase orders with specific release dates over a period of up to one year.


An agreement to hold finished goods inventory in a specific total quantity to be released in whole or in part upon demand within an agreed upon period.

These and other approaches to manage the flow of inventory will help you lower your cost by minimizing your inventory investment and thereby reducing the employment of working capital in your business.

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