AccuRod® Precision Ground Bar

For nearly 60 years, Boston Centerless has been helping precision machine shops and OEM’s around the world maximize the performance of their Swiss Screw Machine equipment by providing machining bar with superior dimensional consistency. The AccuRod® Division provides one-stop raw material and grinding capabilities that are unmatched. If you are running AccuRod precision ground bar from Boston Centerless, the acknowledged leader in precision centerless grinding, you can count on the most consistent diameter tolerance, roundness and straightness in the industry.

We start with materials that have superior machinability characteristics sourced from only the highest quality mills, and apply our grinding expertise resulting in superior straightness and consistent dimensional tolerances from bar-end to bar-end and bar-to-bar. We routinely hold ultra-precise tolerances of .0001” on 12-foot lengths with .00005” roundness.

AccuRod  precision ground bar products will enable you to challenge your expectation about what you can achieve in throughput with your Swiss Turning equipment. Offered in a wide variety of metals and plastics, AccuRod will help precision machine shops step up to a higher level of performance and profitability. With over 30 thru-feed centerless grinders, we can provide quick turnaround. Automatic bar feeders in combination with high production grinders give us the capacity to handle high volume contracts.

Off-the-shelf Alloys

Boston Centerless has introduced AccuRod®.0002TM to satisfy the need for tighter tolerance bar stock requirements. With distribution centers located nationwide, these materials are ready for immediate delivery. Locations include Woburn, MA; Minneapolis, MN; and Cleveland, OH.

Dimensional and Tolerance Capabilities

12 ft. BarsCut-lengths
Diameters:.040 to 3.00".005" to 3.00"
Diameter Tolerances:down to .0001"down to .000040" (40 millionths of an inch)
Roundness:down to .000020" (20 millionths of an inch)down to .000020"  (20 millionths of an inch)
Straightness:down to .003" per ft.down to .0005" per ft.
Surface Finish:down to 8 Radown to 2 Ra

Additional Services

Learn more about the benefits of AccuRod for CNC Swiss screw machining.

Inventory Management

In addition to the variety of material types and forms handled by Boston Centerless, we will also manage the flow of your inventory all the way to your machines.

We can also procure and manage your inventory for:

  • Precision Ground Flats
  • Tubular Products
  • Cannulated Bar

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