Straightening Services

Bar Straightening

Operators of Swiss type turning lathes know that at the very high RPM’s at which these machines typically run (6-8,000 RPM), just a little vibration can wreak havoc on your ability to consistently produce high precision parts with the right surface finish. That is why Boston Centerless goes to extraordinary measures to ensure that our AccuRod® precision bars and GrindAll conversion grinding utilize a variety of straightening techniques developed over the years which results in the most consistently straight precision bars in the industry. We have also developed proprietary methods for measuring the straightness of bars. These methods ensure you are getting the straightness you specified and need to make the most accurate component parts.

Because we have many years of experience working with straightening issues, we can quickly identify and measure the various types of bent conditions, such as bow, waviness, twisting, etc. and use our expertise to rectify these conditions over the length of the bar.

Component Straightening

Even when utilizing the straightest bars prior to machining, certain components do not lend themselves to tight straightness tolerances once the machining is complete. If there is a large length to diameter ratio for instance, maintaining very accurate part straightness can be difficult. Or if a part needs heat treatment after machining, parts can bend and warp. With nearly 60 years of attacking these problems for our customers, we’ve developed proprietary processes to correct all types of part deformities.