Benefits of AccuRod® Precision on the CNC Swiss Lathe

Benefits of AccuRod® Precision on the CNC Swiss LatheCNC Swiss turning equipment is designed to produce high precision parts that often call for long length to diameter ratios, extremely tight tolerances, long production runs and minimal secondary operations. In order to achieve optimum results on CNC Swiss machines it is important to start with machining bars that exhibit the characteristics that will result in precision parts with a high yield. At Boston Centerless we build these critical attributes into every bar we produce. Here is what you can expect when you load your CNC Swiss machine with AccuRod® bars:

AccuRod® Benefits:

  • Bar-end to bar-end and bar-to-bar consistency of size tolerance and roundness prevents seizing in the bushing and enables even tighter tolerances in the finished machined parts. Run “Lights Out” knowing your machines will operate continuously as long as they are loaded with AccuRod® precision bar from Boston Centerless.
  • Straighter bars minimize vibration enabling faster machine RPM, thus decreasing cycle time and extending tool life.
  • AccuRod® can be provided in the form of pre-machined blanks which can result in fewer machine operations and the potential elimination of post-op grinding.

AccuRod® precision centerless ground bars are engineered to provide trouble free production on your CNC Swiss turning equipment. Check out the quality we build into every bar we ship!


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