The Lean Process at Boston Centerless

As a recognized leader in Lean Manufacturing, Boston Centerless has a continuous improvement culture engrained in the organization. Since the early 90’s, we have driven the lean mentality into every aspect of our business. From receipt of material to manufacturing, packaging and shipping, through purchasing and customer service, every effort is made to assure perfect quality, real time delivery and 100% compliance to customer specifications. Our employees are constantly developing process, cost, efficiency and quality improvements through our many day-to-day improvement practices.

As a recipient of the Shingo Prize Northeast Silver Medal for “Excellence in Manufacturing”, our culture empowers every employee to suggest, evaluate and implement improvements through many lean process tools including:

  • Quick and Easy Kaizen: Individual employee improvements implemented in real time.
  • Major Kaizen Events: Team oriented major process improvements.
  • Daily Gemba Walks: Address potential issues where they occur.
  • 5S (Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain): Maximize efficiency, organize the work space and assure a safe and comfortable work area for every employee.
  • Daily Operator Huddles: Review any outstanding issue, daily performance metrics and plan the daily activities.
  • Visual Process Tools: Keep every employee apprised of work status, communicate priorities in real time, understand special requirements or customer concerns, real time monitoring of throughput and quality levels.

With many years of consistent performance, Boston Centerless is recognized for superior quality, exceptional customer service and response and best in class delivery of high precision materials that guarantee superior performance in any manufacturing process. As shown by our world class leading indicators:

  • Delivery Performance: Greater than 97% of orders shipped on promise date
  • Product Quality: Greater than 99.8% acceptance
  • Continuous reduction of lead time allowing for faster turnaround

As a result of these advancements, we are able to pass on the benefits of time, quality and lowest total cost of quality to our customers.

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