Precision Permeates Everything We Do at Boston Centerless

As the trusted leader for high precision bar materials, Boston Centerless incorporates precision in every aspect of our business. From our commitment to Lean Manufacturing processes to our careful attention to every detail of each order we fulfill, Boston Centerless lives in the world of precision every day. We believe the concept of “Precision In. Performance Out.” is more than just a motto. The ultra-close tolerances, exceptional straightness and unmatched consistency from bar-to-bar are the attributes our customers tell us enable them to maximize performance and reduce cost. 

“Lights Out” Operations that Work

To successfully operate in the “Lights Out” environment you need the support of a material that has precision built into every component of the supply chain. Exceptional tolerance control and roundness, consistent dimension held throughout the lot and from one lot to the next, outstanding straightness and, last but not least, on-time delivery performance. If any one of these attributes is missing, you will not realize the full benefit of trouble free, long running, unattended operations. You can count on the Culture of Precision at Boston Centerless to consistently deliver precision ground bars with all of the attributes you will need to realize your aggressive performance targets.

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