Facilities & Maintenance Supervisor, 1st Shift


This is a “working” supervisory position. In addition to leading the facilities and maintenance staff and communicating with all departments as the first point of contact for issues, the supervisor will also be responsible for maintaining, repairing, and lubricating machinery and equipment; physical structure repairs; pipe and simple electrical systems maintenance.


  • Gather, evaluate, prioritize and delegate work to the facilities and maintenance team. Follow up on timely and accurate completion of work and facilitate as necessary
  • Communicate issues and statuses to other departments as necessary and coordinate work that impacts production schedules to minimize negative impact to the schedule
  • Ensure completion of Preventative Maintenance schedules for fire safety, e-lighting, eyewash stations, production and facility equipment
  • Perform repairs and PM tasks routinely; documenting tasks which are not documented for future reference
  • Purchase and maintain a spare parts inventory as directed
  • Document all departmental and contractor work in maintenance software including costs and explanation of issues
  • Assist in the installation of capital equipment
  • Coordinate outside vendors as directed to perform specified work including electrical, HVAC, roofing, cleaning, and specialized equipment repairs or overhauls
  • Seek proposals from and issue purchase orders for service, parts, and supplies for the facility and manufacturing
  • Maintain pipe systems and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment; repairs and replaces gauges, valves, pressure regulators, power transmission and related equipment
  • Set up and operate machine tools, such as lathe, surface grinder, drill, and milling machine to repair or fabricate simple machine parts
  • Fabricates and repairs counters, benches, partitions, walls and other wooden structures
  • Utilize or operate ladders and scissor lifts and work at higher elevations using appropriate safety equipment and practices


  • Identifies/reports problems with machine or machining processes and building systems to avoid breakdowns
  • Must be flexible and able to reprioritize as business requires
  • Prepares paperwork accurately; able to input data into a maintenance management software system (M-PET)
  • Participates in Quest – the company’s world class continuous process improvement program
  • Adheres to, and leads by, company policies, procedures, and core values
  • Desire to “put the team first”


  • 1-3 years as group leader or supervisor in a manufacturing environment
  • 3-5 years of combined trade or vocational education, and/or facilities/maintenance work experience
  • Basic computer literacy


  • Physical Demands:
    • Stand, walk, push, pull, reach overhead, and bend to the floor
    • Constantly exert up to 10 to 20 pounds of force to move object
    • Frequently exert 25 to 50 pounds of force
    • Occasionally exert 50 to 100 pounds of force
  • Visual Acuity: Near acuity with or without accommodation is required for reading machine dial gauges, and precision measuring instruments used in the inspection of equipment.
  • Hearing Ability: Ability to monitor machine sounds to identify and diagnose changes
  • Working Conditions:
  • Normal noise levels from operating machines
  • Exposure to oils and cutting fluids – rubber gloves provided as needed
  • Safety glasses and shoes required in some areas