Production Control/Scheduling Coordinator (OPC) (Woburn, MA)

POSITION: Production Control/Scheduling Coordinator (OPC)

REPORTS TO: Operations Manager


This position manages the process to release job orders (JOs) to the manufacturing floor, including manufacturing router selection, raw material verification and scheduling JO completion dates to meet customer deliveries. As part of the JO release, the individual will verify that raw material Certificates of Analysis comply with customer specifications to assure material availability, complete documentation and heat control complies with BC and customer requirements. The individual will be required to represent production control and work with the materials and manufacturing groups to coordinate work flow through manufacturing to support priorities and manufacturing efficiency with careful attention to minimizing delays from sales order entry to work order release, while maintaining adequate lead time for the manufacturing processes to meet original customer promised delivery dates.


  • High School Diploma, some college is preferred.
  • Background in production scheduling and setting flexible priorities to allow manufacturing opportunities to optimize efficiency is a plus.


  • Must have a responsible proactive attitude, excellent attendance record and handle assignments quickly and efficiently.
  • Must remain flexible and work to various schedules to assure that daily tasks and production requirements are met.
  • Demonstrate high expectations for yourself and your team.
  • Understand and exemplify the company’s Core Values.
  • Act as a role model to your team members and be recognized as a leader within the organization.
  • Constantly strive for continuous improvements throughout the operation.
  • Build and maintain a professional relationship with pears and subordinates.
  • Be able to listen and motivate team members to make suggestions and act on ideas for improvement within the group.
  • Demonstrated proactive problem solving, analytical, and leadership skills.
  • Desire for continuous education in order to remain at the leading edge of the latest process and improvement techniques, benchmark against customer and supplier methods and controls, and to drive continuous improvement through the organization.
  • Excellent communications and follow up skills.
  • Must be detail oriented.


  • Review and authorize Sales Orders from “Waiting Approval” status to “Open” status.
  • Create Job Orders in ERP system.
  • Review material specification requirements and verify supplier purchase orders match customer requirements
  • Perform “Job Order Release” function, print and create job order packet for the shop floor.
  • Perform Certification Review and assure full documentation and compliance to customer and BC specifications.
  • Identify expedited job orders and communicate appropriately to shop floor as required.
  • Submit additions to Item Master to material manager as required.
  • Assure material data including heat, test and process certifications meet BC, ASTM and customer requirements.
  • Monitor and update BC jobs report.
  • Process all ICN’s in a timely fashion and communicate to the appropriate individuals.
  • Maintain open communication with sales to assure accurate and timely communication with customers.


We’re 21st century artisans – utilizing state-of-the-art technology and old-world craftsmanship to provide precision metal bars, pre-production blanks, and material preparation services to companies machining high precision components for a host of industries, such as medical device and automotive – helping them achieve success through streamlined operational excellence.

At Boston Centerless, we have built an enduring character and approach to business that we call the “BC Way”. The BC Way transcends the products we sell, the markets we serve, and any of our leaders and individuals. This practice is why we come to work every day (Core Purpose) and how we choose to conduct ourselves through guiding principles (Core Values).

We strive to set an example for the manufacturing industry and continually look to improve customer experience, as well as our work environment. Within our company, we celebrate upholding our Core Values with the Golden Bar Award which is given to associates to recognize their exemplary efforts.

Our Service Vision of Raising the Bar with every Interaction, with both internal and external customers, translates our ambition of excellence in customer service through exactitude, engagement, and extraordinary attitude and experience.

Core Purpose:

To be a role model for U.S. manufacturing.

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be Trustworthy ● take Initiative ● put the Team First ● demonstrate Excellence

Service Vision:

Raise the bar with every interaction.

Service Pillars:

be Exact ● be Engaged ● be Extraordinary