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    • THE COMPANY subscribes without reservation to all federal, state and local statutes which prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, color, national origin, veteran’s status, disability or any other reason prohibited by law.
    • PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT CAREFULLY AS THEY INCLUDE CONDITIONS, WHICH APPLY IF YOU ARE EMPLOYED BY BOTON CENTERLESS. I certify that all the foregoing statements are true and complete and I understand that any omission or misrepresentation of fact may result in refusal of employment or immediate dismissal. I recognize that in connection with this application, and from time to time during my employment with Boston Centerless, I may be subject to investigative or other consumer reports ordered by Boston Centerless and I hereby authorize the same. I recognize that upon written request to Boston Centerless, I have the right to be informed whether such a report has been ordered and if so, the name and address of the consumer reporting agency, and a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation requested. Further, I authorize and request any and all of my former employers and other persons to furnish Boston Centerless or any person acting on its behalf, any information they may have concerning my character, ability, business activities, general reputation and personal characteristics. In the case of former employers, they should furnish a history of my employment by them and the reasons for the termination thereof. Moreover, I release such employer and other persons from any all liability of whatsoever nature by reason of furnishing such information to Boston Centerless or any other person acting on its behalf. I agree that my employment by Boston Centerless shall be an employment at will which means that the employment shall not be for any definite period and may, regardless of the time and manner of the payment of my wages and salary, be terminated with or without cause at any time. I also understand that I must abide by the current rules, regulations and policies of Boston Centerless, which may be changed with or without prior notice. I am, however, free to resign at any time with proper notice. I also understand that no officer, supervisor, manager or any other employee of Boston Centerless has any authority to promise employment for any definite period of time or to otherwise vary my status as an employee at will in any way unless promise is explicit and contained in a written contract signed by the president or chief executive officer of Boston Centerless. I consent to Boston Centerless seeking and obtaining any criminal record, in accordance with this state’s laws, and I give consent to the appropriate authorities to provide such information to Boston Centerless. I understand that a conviction record will not necessarily be a bar to employment, but will be considered in relationship to the position sought, and that such factors as age and time of offense, seriousness and nature of the violation, and rehabilitation will be taken into account. I understand that any offer of employment will be conditioned upon the satisfactory completion of a medical examination. As part of the examination, I will be required to submit to an alcohol/drug screening test. I understand that, as part of these tests, I will be required to provide a urine sample and that evidence of alcohol or illegal drugs could affect my eligibility for employment with Boston Centerless. If I am taking legal drugs, I must notify Boston Centerless and provide medical authorization for such drugs as their use may affect the results of these tests. I will sign an Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement in which I will agree not to divulge any company confidential or proprietary information, which I may learn or come into possession of, in any manner as a result of my employment with Boston Centerless. This agreement also sets forth the conditions under which Boston Centerless is assigned the entire right, title and interest of certain inventions or ideas developed while in Boston Centerless’ employ. If U.S. Government security clearance is required after employment, I shall make application for it.