Our Culture – The BC Way

At Boston Centerless, we have built an enduring character and approach to business that we call the “BC Way”.  The BC Way transcends the products we sell, the markets we serve, and any of our leaders and individuals. It is why we come to work every day (Core Purpose) and how we choose to conduct ourselves, our guiding principles (Core Values).

We  strive to set an example for the manufacturing industry and are continually looking to improve the customer experience as well as our work environment. Within our company, we celebrate upholding our Core Values with the Golden Bar Award which is given to associates to recognize their exemplary efforts.

Core Purpose:

To be a role model for U.S. manufacturing.

Growth  •  Opportunity  •  Pride  •  Significance  •  Secret Service  •  Community

Core Values:

be Trustworthy  ●  take Initiative  ●  put the Team First  ●  demonstrate Excellence