Can’t Find Skilled Labor? Use Skilled Material

Improve your CNC Swiss Operations with Skilled Material

When CNC Swiss machines were introduced in the 1970’s, they ushered in a new era of precision manufacturing. Purchasing standard machining bar was no longer adequate. There was a need for better, tighter tolerance material – and Boston Centerless was there from the beginning. precision-ground-bar

Today, CNC Swiss machining is one of the fastest growing sectors in the machining world. Ultra-precise, specialty alloys, and lights-out manufacturing are all meaningful terms in the CNC Swiss community.

Although the technology continues to evolve, there are two major, long-standing issues that remain ever more prominent in today’s marketplace:

  1. The lack of skilled labor in the workforce to keep these machines running
  2. Constant market pressure to reduce costs

Boston Centerless understands these problems and has taken a fresh, new approach to address these challenges first hand with a concept we call Skilled Material.

Skilled Material is a concept that encompasses many facets of raw material properties, manufacturing processing and industry know-how to optimize your CNC Swiss operations – while reducing your overall cost of production.

Skilled Material incorporates all the elements below:

  • Raw Material Selection – only using mills and suppliers who offer the best, most consistent quality
  • Ultra-Precision / Variation Reduction – understanding how specific Diameter, Straightness and Roundness tolerances can dramatically affect CNC Swiss screw machining operations
  • Material integrity and traceability throughout the process
  • Years of experience and partnerships within the CNC Swiss machining industry to truly understand Swiss operations
  • Supply chain management
  • And most importantly: getting the right material to customers when promised

In simple terms, Skilled Material allows you to more than offset premium material cost by dramatically reducing the need for skilled machine operators to deal with variations in material, while maximizing machine uptime and through-put. Skilled Material enables lights-out manufacturing and ultimately lowers the total cost of your CNC Swiss operation.

To learn more about Skilled Material bar, call us to schedule an appointment or a lunch and learn presentation for your team.