Boston Centerless supplies precision bar materials and pre-production blanks for your machining needs. We can precision grind material to your exact specifications from our extensive inventory. If we do not have the material in stock, we are experts at sourcing a wide variety of materials from high quality mills and distributors.

The high-grade materials that Boston Centerless procures combined with our grinding capabilities will ultimately reduce your manufacturing costs. The extremely precise straightness and roundness of AccuRod® enables increased feeds and speeds, as well as longer tool life, resulting in lower per part cost.

View the pages below for specific grades we can supply:

Boston Centerless can also supply and manage inventory for precision flats, precision wire and precision tube.

Dimensional and Tolerance Capabilities
12 ft. Bars Cut-lengths or Components
Diameters: .040 to 3.00" .005" to 3.00"
Diameter Tolerances: to .0001" to .000040" (40 millionths)
Roundness: to .000020" (20 millionths) to .000020" (20 millionths)
Straightness: to .003" per ft. to .0005" per ft.
Surface Finish: to 8 Ra to 2 Ra