AccuRod® – Centerless Ground Precision Bar

Boston Centerless supplies AccuRod® precision ground bar materials for close tolerance machining applications. With over 30 thru-feed centerless grinders, we have the capacity to provide fast lead times and handle large volume contracts.

We provide industry-leading centerless grinding services that ensure your precision bar materials meet the most stringent tolerances. Due to its simple setup, centerless grinding offers faster turnaround times than other grinding methods – making it an excellent choice for large volume production.

AccuRod® delivers precision bar stock for close tolerance machining applications. Our team procures raw materials from only the highest quality mills, enabling Boston Centerless to deliver centerless ground bar that has superior machinability characteristics. As a material supplier with in-house centerless grinding capabilities, Boston Centerless provides centerless ground bar with the most consistent diameter tolerance, roundness and straightness in the industry. We supply centerless ground stainless steel, medical alloys, plastic and more.

Sourcing precision bar material and centerless grinding from one supplier will reduce your lead time and eliminate dual sourcing. Additionally, Boston Centerless offers value-added services such as heat treating, straightening, laser marking, and material testing and validation. When combined with our precision centerless grinding operations, these steps can reduce costs, decrease time to market, increase productivity, enhance quality, and improve responsiveness for our customers.

Customer Benefits from AccuRod

  • Manufactured with premium alloys for superior machinability
  • Dual chamfered ends – to facilitate bar feeding
  • Maximize operator productivity – enables operator to run multiple machines
  • Consistently higher quality finished components
  • Less scrap / rework
  • Improved material yields
  • Longer tool life
  • Less machine downtime
  • Lights-out manufacturing
  • Results: Material and labor cost savings
Dimensional and Tolerance Capabilities
12 ft. Bars Cut-lengths
Diameters: .040 to 3.00" .005" to 3.00"
Diameter Tolerances: to .0001" to .000040" (40 millionths)
Roundness: to .000020" (20 millionths) to .000020" (20 millionths)
Straightness: to .003" per ft. to .0005" per ft.
Surface Finish: to 8 Ra to 2 Ra