Bar and Component Grinding Services

GrindAll provides thru-feed and in-feed centerless grinding services for customer supplied bar material and round components. We specialize in precision grinding your material to exceptionally close tolerances. Our processing capabilities make us a perfect solution for finishing your spools, valves, medical instruments and other critical components.

With our value stream dedicated to stainless steel grinding customer supplied materials and components, we can provide you with a quick turnaround. GrindAll can complement your in-house capabilities or add value to your products. We can grind metals and plastics.

  • Bar conversion
  • Cut blank grinding
  • Component grinding

Dimensional and Tolerance Capabilities

12 ft. Bars Cut-lengths or Components
Diameters: .040 to 3.00" .005" to 3.00"
Diameter Tolerances: to .0001" to .000040" (40 millionths)
Roundness: to .000020" (20 millionths) to .000020" (20 millionths)
Straightness: to .003" per ft. to .0005" per ft.
Surface Finish: to 8 Ra to 2 Ra