Centerless Grinding Services

At Boston Centerless, our centerless grinding services manufacture AccuRod® precision bar for a variety of sectors including medicalaerospacedefense, automotive and many others. These industries rely on our high precision bar materials to optimize the performance of their products. We also partner with contract manufacturers and material suppliers to augment their in-house capabilities, enabling them to increase the value they can offer to their customers.

Centerless grinding is a machining process that uses abrasive cutting to shape a workpiece. What distinguishes centerless grinders from centered grinders, is that there is no spindle or fixture to secure the workpiece in place. The workpiece is secured between two wheels – one is the grinding wheel and one is the regulating wheel. The two wheels rotate at different speeds. The relative speed of the two wheels provides the grinding action and the speed of rotation determines how much material is removed from the workpiece. Grinding wheels are able to be changed out to allow for different grits and shapes. One major benefit of centerless grinding is that the workpiece is held in place by the pressure of the two wheels so setup is quick and simple with no fixturing necessary.

Due to its simple setup, centerless grinding services offer faster turnaround times than other grinding methods – making it an excellent choice for large volume production. Additionally, centerless grinding provides tighter dimensional tolerances, smoother surface finishes, and higher degrees of straightness and roundness. Having been in business for 65 years, the team at Boston Centerless recognizes that dimensional aspects such as roundness and straightness can be as critical, if not more critical, than just the diameter size and tolerance.

Our centerless grinding services can complement your capabilities. GrindAll provides complete grinding services for customer supplied bar material and round components. Our centerless grinders handle pre-machine to finish grind operations, using the thru-feed, in-feed or profile method. Many customers outsource their grinding operations to Boston Centerless because they have the utmost confidence that we will provide unmatched quality and reliability.

Our team of professionals specialize in precision grinding your material to exceptionally close tolerances.

We can perform bar conversion services to convert inventory to a smaller diameter. We also offer value-added services, such as heat treating and straightening, as well as material testing and validation services. We can grind a wide range of materials including: