Material Testing and Validation

Integrity and certification of bar material is extremely important to mitigate risk in critical applications such as medical and aerospace applications. Boston Centerless can perform several types of testing and validation. Material can be tested for surface and internal defects as well as analyzed for alloy verification. Bars can be laser marked with customer-specific identifiers for material traceability as well.

The following services are available for round bar:

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  • Size range: Round bar from approximately .180″ diameter to 1.000+0” diameter
  • AMS-STD-2154 Class A, Class AA UT test standards
  • Detects internal defects to within approximately 1mm of the surface

Eddy Current Testing

  • Detects surface defects in bar products
  • Adheres to ASTM E309, 571, E426, 576 (OD Solid Bar) test standards

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Alloy Verification

  • X-Ray analysis to detect non-conforming chemistry
  • Pass / fail test for alloy verification
  • Automatic identification and capture of rejected bars

Laser Marking

  • Diameter range: .090″ to 3″
  • Laser marking applied to drop-end of bar