Hardness Conversion Chart

Hardness testing measures the resistance of a material to deformation, or hardness, and is an important physical property in manufacturing as it directly correlates to material strength. A variety of hardness testing methods are available including the Brinell and Rockwell tests. Thus, the Hardness Conversion Chart below is used to convert hardness values between testing methods as well as estimate tensile strength.

In 2023, Boston Centerless expanded our suite of in-house material validation and testing services in order to grow our offerings and enhance customer responsiveness. Along with a long list of existing value added services, such as ultrasonic testing, chamfering, laser marking and just in time supply offerings, we added equipment to test material hardness and micro-hardness as well as tensile strength.

At Boston Centerless, our material testing and validation program is second to none – and we stand behind our products. Our ability to perform all testing and validation services in-house is an area that sets us apart from the competition. This is a considerable advantage for our customers as we are able to avoid significant time and money spent on the transport of products to a 3rd party location for these services – enabling our team to deliver unparalleled lead times.

Additionally, as an integrated product and service provider, Boston Centerless is able to perform 100% product testing as opposed to testing a small sample size. This is another significant benefit for our customers, especially those that supply critical products to industries like the medical and aerospace sectors where failure in the field is not an option. Our ability to test 100% of our products gives customer’s an unmatched level of quality assurance. 

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